34 DIY Natural Air Fresheners You Can Make

Commercial air fresheners, sprays and some candles contain chemicals and artificial scents and colorants that can be harmful. John of Homemade Home Ideas has collected 34 DIY natural air fresheners. You’ll find gel air fresheners, herbal and fruit simmer pots, homemade potpourri, natural scented sprays and MORE! Click on the 34 DIY Natural Air Fresheners […]

How To Make Your Own Natural Spray Starch

Commercial spray starch products contain formaldehyde which is not healthy. And depending on where you live, spray starch can be expensive. Jillee of One Good Thing decided to make a homemade version of spray starch.  It’s an incredibly simple recipe that uses just 3 ingredients.  Not only is it a snap to mix and use.  […]

Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths…No Chemicals Required!

This is an eye opener of a post.  Jillee of One Good Thing shows what it’s like to dust and clean with microfiber cloths.  These cloths are non-abrasive, lint-free and absorbent.  They attract dust, dirt and bacteria and can be used to clean almost any surface.  Professional cleaners use microfiber cloths for heavy-duty cleaning.  You […]

35 Best Natural Cleaning Tips

Desiree of the 36th Avenue website compiled 35 of the best cleaning tips. The article is organized in a somewhat different way than most tip articles. The first article lists 10 tips. Then at the bottom of the first article, there’s a link to 10 more cleaning tips and another link to 15 additional cleaning tips. […]

35 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Vinegar

Gaye of shares an article from Joe at  Joe has assembled his top 35 uses for vinegar.  In some cases he provides little, mini recipes. Also Gaye shares her recipe for Peppermint Juice, a cleaner for windows, floors, and general surface cleaner. I have used my own version of Peppermint Juice for cleaning […]

How to Make Lemon Thyme Herbal Disinfecting Spray

  This is a natural lemon thyme disinfecting spray by Andrea of Frugally Sustainable.  It works well in the kitchen, or the bathroom.  The recipe uses fresh lemons and thyme, essential oils, and other ingredients. Very simple and refreshing! Click on the How to Make Lemon Thyme Herbal Disinfecting Spray link below to see Andrea’s […]

20 Ways To Use Orange Essential Oil

Orange oil has a wonderful, fresh, summery scent.  It’s a very versatile oil that can be used in food recipes, cleaning recipes, and medical recipes. Denise details 20 different ways to use Orange Essential Oil.  You can use it for the following applications: Beauty Health Bath Relaxation Skin care Anti-aging Food recipes Insect Repellent Sleep […]

How to Make a Natural Homemade Carpet Freshener

When I read this post by Mindy of Keeper of the Home, it really caught my attention.  Years ago I used commercial powdered carpet cleaners.  I loved how clean they made my carpets and how the artificial scent lingered for a long time. Then I started to worry about the chemicals in the carpet cleaners.  […]

How to Make Fake Windex that Works

The owner of Fake-It-Frugal wanted to reproduce Windex and came up with a streak-free recipe that works great.  Even better it only costs $0.27 to make compared to $3.69 to buy the real thing in the store.  The recipe uses just 4 ingredients and is wonderfully easy to make! If you make this recipe, here’s […]

67+ Homemade, All-Natural Cleaning Recipes

This post by Erin of Keeper of the Home is like the Holy Grail of Natural Cleaning posts! She shares links to   67+ Recipes! Making your own homemade, all-natural cleaners saves money, and allows you to control the ingredients  so that you avoid the chemicals and additives that are found in commercial products. This post […]