How to Make Homemade Fruitcake Soap

When we were young, my mother used to order a fruitcake at Christmas from a monastery in Texas. It was a dark rum-soaked fruitcake with nuts, candied fruit, raisins, dates and more. It was delicious! So it IS possible to find moist, delicious fruitcake ūüôā So when I saw Marie’s recipe for Fruitcake Soap it […]

Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes Tutorial

So many young Moms are now using cloth diapers for their babies as a part of a more natural lifestyle.¬† But as Faith of ModernAlternativeMama points out, a lot of these same Moms are still using commercial baby wipes with chemicals and additives. She shares her method for making all-natural baby wipes.¬† They are soft, […]

DIY – How to Make a Sea Glass Stepping Stone

Sea glass is broken glass that has been weathered by years in the ocean and has a smooth, colorful, frosted appearance. You can find it on many ocean beaches. Tanya wanted t use sea glass to make something special to remind her of a visit by one of her friends. She decided to make a […]

100 Brilliant Projects to Upcycle Leftover Fabric Scraps

If you sew, you probably have a bag of fabric scraps. ¬†This post includes over 100 different projects where you can use those fabric scraps. ¬†Vanessa has done an amazing job in pulling this collection of projects together. If you see a project photo that you like, just click on the link following “DIY Instructions […]

8 Natural, Poison-Free Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Mice can spread disease and cause damage to a home. But the traditional snap traps and commercial poisons pose additional problems. In this post, Claire explains Integrated Pest Management (IPM). She shares different things you can do to discourage mice from getting into your home. ¬†She then discusses natural DIY deterrents and repellents. These include: […]

How to Make Soy Candles

This is a nice, simple recipe and tutorial for soy candles by Staci of Cobble Hill Farm.¬† She recommends using wax flakes because they are easier to melt.¬† Soy is good wax choice because it’s affordable, and has a longer burn time.¬† Also one pound of soy wax flakes will fill a pint-size canning jar, […]

The Best Homemade Pickle Recipes by City Boy Hens

I love homemade pickle recipes and City Boy Hens has some of the best. You’ll find great recies, step-by-step directions and humor too! Bread & Butter Pickles Some interesting history on the Depression-era history of this fantastic pickle. Then a wonderful recipe for sandwich pickles with that sweet and sour blend. Mmmmm! Click on the¬†Bread […]

How to Make Beeswax Candles

In this post, Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion, walks you through the steps of making beeswax candles.¬† She uses tart tins from Bed, Bath & Beyond as the molds. In addition to beeswax, you can add your favorite, essential oils. This is a nice tutorial with helpful photographs. Neat and easy DIY recipe! I think […]

Carving Pumpkins with Cookie Cutters!

I love Autumn, the changing colors of the leaves, crisp air, and Halloween. Decorating for Halloween at my home always involves carving at least one pumpkin and putting it outside. At night I turn on the battery tea candles I put inside. Nice. But the carving is always a pain. When October rolls around, I […]

How to Make Kombucha Soap

Kombucha tea is a fermented tea drink that many people drink for good health. In this tutorial, Jan explains how to make Kombucha Tea soap. If you don’t know how to make kombucha tea, she provides a link to an article that discusses the preparation of kombucha tea. In addition to kombucha tea, the recipe […]