Red White and Blueberry Popsicle Recipe

This is the perfect dessert for Memorial Day or the 4th of July holidays. You won’t find a drop of food coloring in this recipe. Just all-natural berries for the red and blue and one of my favorite ingredients for the white. Sue provides a link to a neat popsicle mold that will let you […]

Homemade Honey Bear Soap Recipe

Honey is really excellent for skin care.  The mother and daughter team at Homespun With Love share all of the benefits of honey.  But just a few are:  it works on any skin type, it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal and it’s an excellent moisturizer. This is a recipe for a honey bear soap that uses organic, […]

How to Make Naturally Sweetened Freezer Jam

Normally if you make freezer jam, it needs a lot of sugar to make it gel.  Also, you often end up with overly sweet jam because you’re adding sugar to naturally sweet berries.  It’s sugar overload! Betsy of DIYNatural found a solution that allows you to make freezer jam without any additional sugar.  She shares […]

Turmeric Turmeric Turmeric!!

Did you know that turmeric is the most Googled herb?  I didn’t either! Kami shares four different posts that discuss turmeric. She discusses the healing benefits of turmeric, a mild turmeric and milk elixer, and a variety of recipes that use turmeric. Click on any of the links below to see one of Kami’s great […]

Homemade Candied Ginger and Ginger Syrup Recipe

In this recipe, Cheryl of Cheryl’s Delights shares her recipes for Ginger Syrup and Candied Ginger.  The syrup is great in tea, water or any other drink where you want a spicy ginger taste along with sweetness. Candied Ginger is a wonderful treat that is hard to describe.  It’s sweet but has the spicy kick […]

Flavored Ice Cubes ~ Infused Water Recipes

  In this article, Stephanie Lynn shares her recipe for flavored ice cubes. These ice cubes turn a glass of filtered water into a refreshing taste treat. She includes directions for each recipe. The photographs are excellent! Stephanie shares recipes for: Strawberry & Basil Flavored Ice Cubes Pomegranate Flavored Ice Cubes Pineapple & Raspberry Flavored […]

How to Make Homemade Spice Mixes

Kate of Modern Alternative Mama put together a number of different spice blends.  These are super easy to make, and they are totally natural.  No additives at all.  You can also customize the blends by taking out spices you don’t like or adding spices that you do like. She has a blend for: Italian Seasoning […]

Lavender Vanilla Shortbread Cookie Recipe

Culinary lavender adds a unique, slightly floral taste to dishes.  It’s a taste I’ve enjoyed in lavender ice cream. Val of Home Made Modern decided to mix lavender and vanilla in this shortbread cookie recipe.  I thought that was a wonderful blend of flavors!  She describes the taste as delicate and sweet.  Sounds like the […]

How to Make an Immune Boosting Chai Tea Recipe

Masala chai is a drink from India that combines spice-infused black tea with milk and sweetener. It’s a wonderful, warming, spicy drink. Annie of the Herbal Academy of New England shares her recipe for homemade chai. She uses black tea, milk, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and other ingredients. She also discusses an immune-boosting herb she decided […]

Summer Garden Recipes for Tomatoes and Zucchini

A lot of gardeners have a surplus of tomatoes and zucchini this summer.  This post by Bonnie, the Pin Junkie, shares 10 different recipes that use tomatoes and zucchini.  The recipes include main dishes, side dishes and desserts.  They look really yummy! As she says: “If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, chances are […]