15 Surprising Uses For Eggshells

After you read this article, you’ll never look at eggshells in the same way again. Among the other facts about eggs that I learned in this post by Jillee of One Good Thing, is what causes the color of an egg shell to be white or brown.  I won’t give away the secret but it’s […]

DIY Solar-Powered Mason Jar Luminaries (Sun Jars)

Mason Jar Sun Luminaries are really popular for patio or garden lighting at night. They are also called Sun Jars. I have researched this topic quite a bit. They now have solar lids that you can get for mason jars, but they are $10 for one lid!  A complete mason jar luminary selling in stores […]

How to Grow Ginger at Home

You can grow Ginger indoors in commercially prepared potting soil. This post walks you through all of the steps.  By the end of the post you will know how to: Choose the right type of Ginger Find a suitable place Prepare the soil Plant/Grow Ginger Harvest/Prune Ginger Click on the How to Grow Ginger at Home […]

A Recipe for Homemade, Homegrown Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce

If you love easy and healthy ways to spice up your meals then I think you’ll like this recipe for homemade, homegrown cayenne pepper hot sauce Cayenne pepper plants grow well in containers as well as in an outdoor garden.  So no matter what your gardening set-up is you can grow cayenne peppers. In addition […]

How to Start a Medicinal Herb Garden

Herbs have been used for healing for thousands of years.  There’s been a resurgence of interest in herbs because they are natural, easy to use and affordable.  By starting your own medicinal herb garden you can make teas, tinctures, infusions, balms, lotions and more to treat the  symptoms of the common cold, flu, skin irritations, […]

Healing Herbs to Grow in Your Garden

Are you interested in growing your own herbs this year?  SatuR presents 7 medicinal herbs you can grow in your garden.  She also includes suggestions on how to use each herb.  Nice article! Click on the Healing Herbs to Grow in Your Garden link to see the complete post. Healing Herbs to Grow in Your Garden Facebook […]

DIY Potted Herb Garden Ideas

There are a lot of interesting ideas out there for container and vertical herb gardening.  These methods are gaining in popularity as people with smaller yards try to include herbs into their garden plans. In this article Greenthumb has some different  and creative examples of vertical herb gardening solutions.   I have relatives who use […]

7 Easy to Grow Fruits & Vegetables

When you start gardening, deciding what to grow can be very confusing. In this post, Tanya advises that it’s better to keep it simple and grow tasty varieties.  She includes 7 easy to grow fruits and vegetables, along with growing tips. There are also a lot of helpful links. Tanya discusses: A juicy fruit that’s […]

How to Grow Jalapeno Pepper Plant

If you like Mexican food or other spicy cuisines, the jalapeno pepper is a real staple. While it adds some heat to food, it’s not as overwhelmingly hot as other hot peppers.  In this post, geekgardener explains how to grow jalapeno peppers in your garden. Best soil composition Drainage recommendations Sunlight requirements Temperature requirements Growing […]

How to Identify Calendula {Pot Marigold vs. Common Marigold}

This is a really interesting and helpful post. JES explains how to identify calendula (pot marigold) from common marigolds.  Some gardeners and herbalists can do this visually. However, others need more clues. JES explains how to identify calendula by: Scent Appearance of the Seeds When they bloom JES explains the medicinal uses of calendula and […]