DIY Potted Herb Garden Ideas

There are a lot of interesting ideas out there for container and vertical herb gardening.  These methods are gaining in popularity as people with smaller yards try to include herbs into their garden plans. In this article Greenthumb has some different  and creative examples of vertical herb gardening solutions.   I have relatives who use […]

7 Easy to Grow Fruits & Vegetables

When you start gardening, deciding what to grow can be very confusing. In this post, Tanya advises that it’s better to keep it simple and grow tasty varieties.  She includes 7 easy to grow fruits and vegetables, along with growing tips. There are also a lot of helpful links. Tanya discusses: A juicy fruit that’s […]

How to Grow Jalapeno Pepper Plant

If you like Mexican food or other spicy cuisines, the jalapeno pepper is a real staple. While it adds some heat to food, it’s not as overwhelmingly hot as other hot peppers.  In this post, geekgardener explains how to grow jalapeno peppers in your garden. Best soil composition Drainage recommendations Sunlight requirements Temperature requirements Growing […]

How to Identify Calendula {Pot Marigold vs. Common Marigold}

This is a really interesting and helpful post. JES explains how to identify calendula (pot marigold) from common marigolds.  Some gardeners and herbalists can do this visually. However, others need more clues. JES explains how to identify calendula by: Scent Appearance of the Seeds When they bloom JES explains the medicinal uses of calendula and […]

How to Grow Sage in Your Kitchen Herb Garden

Chris at the Untrained Housewife has some great tips on growing Sage in your herb garden.  Sage works well in a container garden too. You’ll find tips on planting, growing and harvesting sage. There’s also some good information in the Comments portion. Click on the How to Grow Sage in Your Kitchen Herb Garden link below […]

DIY Palette Herb Garden

Don’t forget to Like Herbs and Oils Hub on Facebook so you’ll get notified every time we find a great new post about Herbs, Essential Oils, Spices, Natural Remedies and Natural Living. This is another creative way to have a backyard herb garden.  I love the nice, clean look and the wonderful color contrast the […]

Tips on growing Sweet Peas (Flowers)

Sweet peas are beautiful, fragrant flowers. They are also very easy to grow and they produce a lot of flowers. In this post, Tanya shares some tips for growing Sweet Peas.  She includes tips on: Which variety of sweet peas to plant When to sow the seeds When to transplant the small plants One important […]

5 Tips for Growing Onions From Seed

At the very end of this post, Laurie shares 5 tips for getting the best onion harvest you can.  Before that, the main part of the post contains a wealth of information about growing onions from seed. She discusses: When to start onions from seed Step-by-step directions on starting onions from seed for northern gardeners […]

How to Grow Raspberries in Record Time

Richard lives in northwestern Wisconsin and shares some tips he’s learned about growing raspberries fast. This is a very detailed and well-written post that gives you the information you need to grow raspberries in record time. He discusses: Basic about yield, shelf-life, frequency of harvesting Growing requirements including soil, sun, acidity, how to prepare the soil, […]

When Should I Start Sowing Seeds?

It’s the middle of the winter but I’ve been cheered up by the seed catalogs that have been arriving. This is the time of the year when some gardeners in the northern hemisphere start sowing seeds indoors. In this post, Tanya shares a great chart that shares the earliest seeds you can sow in January, February […]