What is Modern Homesteading?

This is an interesting post by Shannon of Country Crossroads that appeared in the Manitoba Co-Operator.  She shares her experiences at the DIY Homesteader Festival at the Interlaken farm near Fraserwood,  Manitoba. The festival was in 2013, but the information still applies today. 350 people showed up to learn about homesteading skills like cooking from […]

How to Build a Tree Bench

This is an ambitious project for the warmer months, but it looks so wonderful!  What a great spot to relax, read, or chat!   Jennifer of  “This Old House” provides step-by-step directions for building  this tree bench. Navigate through the instructions by clicking on the “Next Step” or” Previous Step” buttons at the top of each […]

5 Easy Steps to Making Compost Fast

This is a neat and helpful post about how to make compost fast.  The success of an organic garden is highly dependent on the quality of the soil.   Good compost goes a long way to improving soil quality. This post goes through 5 steps for making compost in around 30 days. How to optimize what […]

Recipes and Remedies Using Bee Balm

The Herbal Academy of England is one of my favorite sites because they provide interesting and knowledgeable information about herbs and herbal remedies. They’re also at the forefront of herbal education and offer a wide variety of online herbal education courses. In this post, they share a number of recipes for bee balm. Gardeners often plant […]

How to Harvest and Store Butternut Squash Throughout the Winter

Butternut squash grows very well.  It’s a healthy vegetable too with vitamin A, C, potassium and fiber. I do love butternut squash, although I have never planted as much as JES of Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth does in her garden.  I have squash envy!   In this article JES shares her tips on harvesting and storing butternut […]

25 Garden Bed Borders for Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Garden borders and edges are a way to create boundaries between your garden and paths, different garden beds, and other elements of your garden. They can really add a lot to the beauty of any flower or vegetable garden. This article discusses the pros and cons following borders and edges: Horizontal brick landscaping edging Diagonal […]

How to Create a Wildflower Cottage Garden

Tanya decided to create a garden with a mix of traditional cottage garden flowers and wildflowers. In addition to reduced weeding, they’d be sure to attract honeybees and bumblebees. She includes some excellent photographs that show the wonderful progression of the garden from February to August. She shares the flowers that she planted and a particular […]

DIY Uplighting – Garden Lighting Solutions For Landscapes

If you have ever seen trees at night that were uplighted, you know how magical it does look. In this article, Teo explains how to light a tree in this way. Uplighting is simply lighting an oblect from below. You can uplight trees, shrubs, walls – anything you want to highlight in your garden. Uplighting a […]

Cleaning Your Garden Tools With Tea

This is a neat idea that I’ve never heard about before. It discusses how to clean garden tools with tea. In this article, Nancy tests the entire process of using a batch of tea to clean garden tools. She explains how to make a specific type of tea, how long to soak the tools, and […]

How to Propagate Lavender

  Lavender looks beautiful in any garden and is wonderfully fragrant. Lavender is used in teas, tinctures, and cooking. Herbalists use it in a variety of health remedies and to promote relaxation. This is a great article that explains in detail how to take cuttings from an existing lavender plant and propagate it into a new separate […]