Medicine You Can Grow at Home & Tips on How To Get Started

This is a process you might find helpful next Spring. Andrea of Frugally Sustainable explains the planning process she goes  through for her medicinal herb garden each Spring. Here are some of the topics she covers: 17 medicinal herbs she’ll be growing Helpful books about herbs How to calculate when to start herb seeds Which organic seed […]

How to Make a Calming Lavender Vanilla Relaxation Salve

It’s hard to not feel stressed out at times. Work demands can be draining. Family responsibilities are never-ending. Since stress can lead to health problems and insomnia, it’s important to reduce anxiety. This is Lisa’s recipe for a calming lavender vanilla relaxation salve. Lavender has stress-relieving properties and vanilla reduces anxiety. It’s an exceptionally easy […]

How to Make Herbal Infused Honey

This article is PACKED with great information! Jerica of the Create, Sustain and Flow site first explains how to infuse honey with herbs. Since she recommends using raw honey, she does not suggest using a stove top infusion. Heat of any sort destroys the good properties of raw honey. She then shares two different methods […]

Homemade Hydrating Body Mist Recipe

Marie of Humblebee & Me has created a hydrating body mist that can help dry skin. It’s easy to make and  has a refreshing citrus and floral scent. One thing I liked about this recipe is that Marie used an essential oil I had never heard of before. It has a lemony fragrance and is […]

Stress Relief Body Cream Recipe & Tutorial

Stress can have a terrible impact on us. Amanda shares her recipe for a stress relief body cream. This is a wonderfully thick and rich body cream that uses a variety of stress-relieving essential oils. The combination of oils, beeswax, with rosewater and other ingredients whips up to an amazingly thick cream. It’s also an […]

Make Your Own Reusable “Swiffer” Pads and Cleaning Solution

In this article, Jillee of One Good Thing shares a way to make a homemade Swiffer pad so you don’t have to buy the commercial refills. She also shares a recipe for a homemade cleaning solution for Swiffer wet jets. I’d suggest reading the comments at the end of the post. There are some good […]

The Ultimate Anti-Hangover Green Smoothie Recipe

Sometimes people drink too much alcohol and end up with bad hangovers. One way to recover is to eat or drink something that’s alkaline, detoxifying and nourishing. Krystelle of MindBodyGreen has created a green smoothie recipe that helps heal the body after a night of drinking. It uses cucumbers and lemons which are alkaline. Another vegetable […]

How to Use Magnesium for Migraines and Many other Ailments

This is an eye-opening article. Despite having a small amount of magnesium in our bodies, this trace mineral is critical in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium deficiency is related to migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, heart health, allergies and many other conditions. This article shares: Signs of magnesium deficiency Magnesium supplements Recommended dosage […]

The Ultimate Homemade Anti Aging Serum Recipe

Homemade skin care products that are made from organic ingredients and natural oils are often just as effective as expensive commercial creams and serums.  This is a recipe for a homemade, anti aging serum by Meital of Natural Alternative Therapies. The recipe uses a variety of carrier oils and essential oils that you mix together […]

How to Make Homemade Calendula Extract

  Calendula is effective in treating damaged or injured skin, and assisting with minor wounds.  It is often used to support healthy skin, and is a common ingredient for herbal oils, salves and lip balms. In this post, Andrea of Frugally Sustainable, explains how to make a homemade calendula extract.  She discusses how to harvest […]