Homemade Amish Honey Bars

From time to time I like to post a neat food recipe.  I love Amish recipes because they are usually very simple and delicious. Kevin shares this recipe for Homemade Amish Honey Bars.  I have a very similar recipe that I got from an Amish friend ages ago.  They are really very delicious. The recipe uses […]

Treat Digestion Woes With This Papaya Ginger Mint Smoothie

If you have digestive problems this smoothie may help you.  The recipe is from Leta of Popsugar Fitness. This is a smoothie designed to help with digestive problems.  Papaya helps to reduce stomach bloat and fullness.  Mint and Ginger calm stomach upsets.  There are other healthy ingredients as well. This is a very simple recipe […]

Homemade Leather Balm Recipe

Leather can dry out.  Even with waterproofing sprays, leather shoes and boots will show wear and tear after a long winter.  So Marie developed a Homemade Leather Balm. Leather balm is a mixture of beeswax, cocoa butter and liquid oil. Marie provides the exact ratio of ingredients in the recipe. The leather balm is soft […]

Old-Fashioned Homemade Amish Black Drawing Salve

Black Drawing salve is an old-fashioned remedy to help pull out splinters from your skin and to heal the skin. Some people also use it to extract insect stingers , thorns, and some infections from their skin. This is a variation of an original recipe that Katie of WellnessMama got from an Amish farmer’s son.  […]

Calendula Eyewash – A Natural Remedy for Irritated Eyes

Jan of the Nerdy Housewife website shares her recipe for a Calendula Eyewash. It’s excellent for irritated eyes caused by: allergies, pool water, dryness, dust, wind, eye strain and even pink eye.  This article includes a simple recipe for making a calendula eyewash and directions for two different ways to apply it to your eyes. […]

How to Make a Violet Leaf & Honey Cough Syrup

This is a simple recipe by the Nerdy Farm Wife that uses just 3 ingredients.  She explains how to prepare violet leaves and water so that you extract the essence of the violet leaves.  After that it’s a matter of heating some of the violet water and honey according to directions and you have a […]

Homemade Organic Vapor Rub Recipe

When Nicole at Live in Art wakes up feeling like she is getting a cold, she shares the  essential oil that she drinks in water to fight off the cold.   Then she showers with a homemade body scrub.  (There’s a link to that recipe.) But the heart of this post is a recipe for […]

20 Antibacterial and Antiviral Herbs and How to Use Them

I’m excited to feature this article by Nina of  Sustainable Baby Steps because it’s an excellent summary of 20 different antibacterial and antiviral herbs.  This is a post you’ll want to keep so you can refer back to it in the future. Nina shares the following information for each herb: How the herb is used […]

How to Use Bread & Lemon to Remove Calluses and Corns

Claire of EveryDayRoots shares two different natural remedies to treat calluses and corns.  These sound like old-time remedies that have been proven over time. The idea is to use an acidic agent to soften the callus or corn.  Bread is used as an agent to help apply the acidic agent.  Claire provides very clear directions […]

How to Make a Homemade Anti-Acne Mask

This is a natural, anti-acne face mask developed by Irene of A Beautiful Day that uses just 3 natural ingredients. The process is simple. She explains how to combine all 3 of the ingredients into a smooth paste.  Massage a little of the mask into your face, and keep it on for 15 to 20 […]