What is Modern Homesteading?

This is an interesting post by Shannon of Country Crossroads that appeared in the Manitoba Co-Operator.  She shares her experiences at the DIY Homesteader Festival at the Interlaken farm near Fraserwood,  Manitoba. The festival was in 2013, but the information still applies today. 350 people showed up to learn about homesteading skills like cooking from […]

How to Make Fruit Crates From Pallets

This is a very detailed and helpful tutorial about how to make fruit crates from wooden pallets. You’ll learn the 3 secrets to making fruit crates that will protect your fruit and not bruise them. The tutorial specifies the dimensions of the wood. There are also very nice, step-by-step photographs. Click the How to Make […]

Top 10 Foods Every Family Must Store To Survive A Food Crisis

Rob shares his Top 10 foods that every family should have to survive a food crisis. Whether it’s a tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster, there’s always the risk that the food supply will be disrupted. If it is, having a stockpile of food and supplies could be critical. His food selections were the result […]

5 Simple Ways to Conserve Water for Your Garden

This article on the Herbal Academy of New England website raises the question: Is it possible to conserve water and sustain a garden at the same time? Water conservation is a serious issue, especially in areas experiencing drought. It turns out the answer is “Yes,” if you take advantage of rainfall, use certain gardening methods, […]

Sweeten Your Breakfast With Dandelion Flower Syrup

To a lot of people, dandelions are annoying weeds. But they are actually nutrient-rich and very delicious when included in salads, syrups, wines, and other dishes. This is Christina’s recipe for Dandelion Flower Syrup. She explains how to create an infusion using unsprayed dandelions. The infused water is combined with sugar, honey and other ingredients, […]

Top 45 Natural Green Uses For Vinegar

I learned an amazing fact in this article by Blender Girl. Vinegar has been produced commercially for over 2000 years! I had no idea it had been around that long.I do know that vinegar is wonderful for green cleaning. It kills bacteria, germs, and mold, so it’s ideal for use as a cleaner. But Blender […]

7 Unique Non-Toxic Houseplants

Sarah wanted to find appealing-looking houseplants that are safe and non-toxic to kids, dogs and cats. These are her 7 favorites! There’s some nice variety in the plants she picked. A succulent with thick waxy leaves Another small-leafed succulent that’s really pretty A beautiful, beautiful fern A plant with leaves that look like mosaics Any […]

How to Build a Passive Solar Food Dehydrator

This is such a neat project and so useful! It’s a solar-powered dehydrator that’s easy to build and uses low-cost material. When I saw it, I immediately thought this would be a great way to dry fruit and herbs from the garden. This dehydrator has a lot of racks and good air flow. It uses […]

How to Plant a Bee Friendly Garden with Your Kids

Erin shares a fascinating statistic: over 50% of the produce we consume comes from plants pollinated by bees. Since bees are endangered, anything we can do to attract bees and help them to propagate will also help us. Erin then explains how to plant a bee friendly garden.  The goal is to plant flowers that […]

25 Things You Can Recycle You Might Not Know About

Most people recycle plastic, bottles, metal cans and paper refuse. But there are a LOT of other things you can recycle that you probably don’t know about. Recycling more items helps to keep more materials out of landfills. Jillee has identified 25 interesting  things you can recycle. Here are just a few examples: Packing Peanuts – […]