How to Make Wood Butter

  This is a recipe for wood butter by the folks at Creative Culinary.  What is wood butter you ask?  I asked the same thing.  Turns out it’s a homemade mixture that you rub into old wooden spoons, rolling pins, cutting boards etc. and it restores the luster.  The post includes a recipe and before/after pictures […]

How to Start a Medicinal Herb Garden

Herbs have been used for healing for thousands of years.  There’s been a resurgence of interest in herbs because they are natural, easy to use and affordable.  By starting your own medicinal herb garden you can make teas, tinctures, infusions, balms, lotions and more to treat the  symptoms of the common cold, flu, skin irritations, […]

21 Fun Creative Storage Ideas For Every Room

When seasons change, I find myself looking around my house and thinking “I have to get organized.”  Well this post has some great ideas for organizing your home.  There aren’t any tutorials. It’s strictly to get the ideas flowing on how to organize things like jewelry, ties, make-up, shoes etc. I loved #5 which offers […]

Opportunities for the Herbal Entrepreneur

If you have an interest in herbalism and have thought about starting a small, herbal business, be sure to read this post first. Agatha shares some of the pros and challenges of starting an herbal business. One big benefit is the ability to be your own boss and call the shots for your business. Another […]

Chickens from Scratch Book Review

If you or someone you know are thinking of raising chickens, this would be a great book to read first. Janet Garmen, the author, has extensive experience in raising chickens herself and teaching others how to raise chickens. The book is packed with information: what breed of chickens to start with, how many, housing, feeding, […]

5 Easy Steps to Making Compost Fast

This is a neat and helpful post about how to make compost fast.  The success of an organic garden is highly dependent on the quality of the soil.   Good compost goes a long way to improving soil quality. This post goes through 5 steps for making compost in around 30 days. How to optimize what […]

10 Uses for Used Tea Bags

I’ve heard about using tea bags to soothe tired eyes.  But Christy of MindBodyGreen shares many additional ideas for used tea bags that I had never heard. The tannin in tea are useful in a variety of different ways.  Very helpful post. Click on the 10 Uses for Used Tea Bags link below to see the […]

How To Clean Your Ceiling Fan in SECONDS!

Jillee originally posted this article in November, 2011 but it contains a timeless tip. If you have a ceiling fan, you know how dust can accumulate on the blades.  Jillee has a tip that really will let you clean your ceiling fan in seconds.  Pretty slick! Click on the How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan in […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Remedies

People who were raised on traditional prescription and over the counter medications, often feel that natural remedies are weak or ineffective. In this article, Kate shares 10 reasons why you should use natural remedies. The first reason is that they do work. Kate discusses how pharmaceutical companies take extracts of plants and patent them as […]

21 Incredible Storage Hacks You Need to Know Now

If you’re pressed for space in your home , apartment or condo, check out this great article with 21 unique storage solutions. These all are pretty easy projects to do too. Some are amazingly simple. There are storage projects for: Kitchen Closet Bathroom Bedroom If you see an idea you like, just click on the […]