Cleanse Your Skin With a Homemade Herbal Facial Steam

This is a recipe Chris of the Untrained Housewife for a Homemade Herbal Facial Steam.  This is a way to create a spa treatment for yourself at home.  It’s unbelievably easy.  It feels so good to cleanse your skin with an aromatic herbal facial.

Some of the benefits of a facial steam that Chris points out:

  •     Relax and unclog pores
  •     Hydrate and soften skin
  •     Eliminate toxins
  •     Stimulate circulation and oxygen
  •     Add fragrance for sensory relaxation

The best part of the post is that she lists different herbs by desired effect:  General herbs for skin cleansing, herbs for dry skin and herbs for normal to oily skin.  She also describes one technique to perform an Herbal facial steam at home.

Click on the Cleanse Your Skin With a Homemade  Herbal Facial Steam link below to see the recipe.

If you don’t have access to herbs check out the herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs or the Bulk Herb Store.

Cleanse Your Skin With an Herbal Facial Steam

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