DIY Crayon Dipped Candles

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DIY Crayon Dipped Candles


Liz of Momtastic made these beautiful candles for Mother’s Day. I think it’s a beautiful look any time of the year. The technique is ombre fabric dying which is a dip dye effect that creates a layer of gradual color.


You take plain candles and dip them in dyed wax. In this case, the color or dye comes from melted candles of a similar shade. Liz includes clear directions and some great photographs. Click on the DIY Crayon Dipped Candles link below to see the complete tutorial. It’s a fantastic technique.

Note: This recipe uses paraffin wax to help create the layer of gradual color. There are documented concerns about burning paraffin candles. They release toxins like toluene and benzene. In this recipe the paraffin is slowly melted. To play it safe, I would recommend using soy wax instead of paraffin.

DIY Crayon Dipped Candles


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