DIY Dog Toys

DIY Dog Toy

Jessica came up with a great idea for making homemade dog toys. She explains in detail how to make a:

  • DIY Braided Dog Toy
  • DIY Multi-Knotted Dog Toy
  • DIY Knotted Ball Toy

These are much less expensive than any dog toy you’d buy at a store.

One comment. I would make these chew toys much bigger than your dog. You don’t want to risk your doggy chewing and swallowing a smaller toy. I think the toy with the big center knot is a good idea.

I mention this only because I recently saw a video of a Great Dane puppy systematically chew and swallow a long chew toy. Fortunately he was watched by thousands on an online camera. who reported the event. He was taken to the vet where he was given something to help him bring the toy back up.

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DIY Dog Toys

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