DIY Organic and All Natural Air Fresheners

DIY Organic and All Natural Air Fresheners

People are increasingly wary of using commercial air fresheners with artificial scents.  This is because of concerns over the chemicals that are in the commercial air fresheners.

Scent Jars are a natural alternative. They contain combinations of fruit, herbs, spices and water.  They can be refrigerated until you’re ready to use them.  When you’re ready, you just dump the contents of the scent jar into an uncovered pot and bring it to a simmer.  It will fill your house with wonderful, natural scents.

In this article Chris of Dan 330 created two different scent jars.  The first was “citrusy” and used lemons, limes and one other ingredient.  It produces a clean, fresh smell. Her second scent jar was made with balsam, cedar, and two other ingredients.  This combination produces a more sophisticated, woodsy scent.  I loved both of these scent combinations, but know I would really like the lemon and lime freshener in my kitchen.

This is a very helpful article with some fantastic photographs. One note: In addition to simmering in a pot, you can experiment with heating your scent jar ingredients in small, uncovered slow cookers or a fondue pot. You have to take care that the water doesn’t cook away.

To see Chris’s complete article, visit the article link below.

DIY Organic and All Natural Air Fresheners

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