DIY Remedy: Homemade Healthy Lungs Tea

Healthy Lungs Tea

After dealing with a mold problem in her home, Kate found that her lungs were somewhat weakened. If there was a cold anywhere in the vicinity, she would get it. She had other respiratory problems as well. That led her to look for a natural remedy that would support healthy lung function.

In this post, she shares her recipe for Homemade Healthy Lungs Tea. It uses a variety of herbs that can help lung and respiratory health.

  • Herb #1: Clears mucus from the body, helps bronchitis
  • Herb #2: Helps to create and clear mucus, is anti-inflammatory, and relieves sore throats
  • Herb #3: Fights fungus, is anti-inflammatory, clears mucus

Kate explains how to make Healthy Lungs Tea, when to drink it, and her own personal experience after drinking this remedy. Very creative recipe! Click on the DIY Remedy: Homemade Healthy Lungs Tea link below to see the complete post.

Homemade Healthy Lungs Tea

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