Diy Reusable Bath Salt Pouches For The Shower Or Bath

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Photo Credit: Destri of Mother Huddle

Photo Credit: Destri of Mother Huddle

Bath salts are relaxing and wonderful, but you can end up with residue in the tub. The other problems is that if you like to take showers you’re out of luck.

Well Destri of The Mother Huddle has the answer!  She provides a tutorial for Reusable Salt Pouches For The Shower Or Bath.  These are easy to make, soft pouches for the bath salts of your choice.  Fill the pouch, tie it off and you can take it into the shower with you. The salts will dissolve as the pouch gets wet, and you can scrub with the pouch.  Or you can hang it over the faucet of the tub as you draw your bath.  This infuses the water with the bath salts ingredients.

I was thinking that a larger version of this pouch would be good for an infusion of dried herbs and flowers bath.  You could fill the pouch with 1/2 cup of dried herbs and scented flowers. Seal the pouch and put it in a large pan or bowl.  Pour 2 to 4 cups of boiling water over the pouch, and allow it to steep, covered, for 15 to 30 minutes.  Squeeze the pouch to get all of the herbal liquid into the pan. Pour the liquid into your bath water.  You can use the pouch for scrubbing.  The only downside is that after emptying the pouch, you’ll have to launder it to get rid of any herb residue.

The best part is that the pouches are REUSABLE!!  Awesome idea.  Destri also includes a bath salts recipe.

Diy Reusable Bath Salt Pouches For The Shower



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