DIY Unbleached Tea Bags

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DIY Unbleached Tea Bags

This is a Guest post by Loriel of Happy Roots, Happy Soul on the Mommypotamus website. Loriel explains how to make homemade tea bags out of unbleached coffee filters. If you have loose tea you’d like to drink and no tea infuser, making your own tea bags is the way to go. But I also think a small box or canister of these tea bags would make an even better gift for someone special. Why? Because:

  • You can customize a unique tea blend
  • You can write funny or inspirational thoughts on the tag at the end of each tea bag string
  • You can give a completely healthy gift to someone you love

Very nice article. Click on the DIY Unbleached Tea Bags link below to see Loriel’s tutorial. 


DIY Unbleached Tea Bags


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