DIY Whitening Tooth Powder for Non-toxic Brushing

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Commercial toothpaste contains chemicals and additives that many people want to avoid.  Betsy at presents a great recipe for Peppermint Sage Tooth Powder.  It’s a quick and easy recipe.

Through research she discovered that sage has been used for years by other cultures as a natural tooth whitener. So she added the sage to the other ingredients in the tooth powder for its whitening  capability.  Betsy also provides the health benefits of each of the ingredients in the tooth powder.

To use the powder just simply dip your toothbrush into the powder, or carefully squirt some onto a wet toothbrush. Brush your teeth as usual.  Betsy recommends giving each family member their own container of Whitening Powder if you use the dipping method.

You can price out and buy some of the ingredients in this recipe at   Mountain Rose Herbs.  

DIY Whitening Tooth Powder for Non-toxic Brushing


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