Dreaming of Spring – A Bitter Tonic Tea Recipe

Dreaming of Spring - A Bitter Tonic Tea

If you’re at all interested in herbalism, then you probably know about the Herbal Academy of New England. They offer online training courses, a resource center called the Herbarium, books and articles. They’re very highly regarded.

This is an article that discusses everything you need to know about making a Bitter Tonic Tea to prepare for Spring. If you ate and drank too much over the Winter, this tea is a way to stimulate your system, and return to a healthier way of living.bitter tea

It’s described as a fruity tea with a bitter edge that’s loaded with vitamins. You can also add honey to the tea, to sweeten it, if you don’t like bitter tea. The recipe is very simple. What I really like is the in-depth explanation of the benefits of each ingredient. This tea is a tonic, cleanses the skin and blood, supports the liver and digestive system, and relaxes the body.

Click on the Dreaming of Spring – A Bitter Tonic Tea Recipe link below to see the complete recipe.

Also, here are some of the programs that the Herbal Academy of New England offers. Click on any of the links for more information.

Introductory Herbal Class – Online, work at your own pace. 6 in-depth units, herbal recipes, videos, flipbooks and more to help you learn the basics of herbalism. Access to all of the teachers.

Intermediate Herbal Class – Online and self-paced. In this course they offer 40 in-depth lessons, 100+ recipes, flipbooks, videos, online forum, access to teachers and more. Certificate at completion of the course.

The Herbarium – This is an online resource that contains complete and constantly updated herbal monographs, photographs, thoughtful articles, and educational podcasts, videos, tutorials, and teaching charts. It includes discounts on online courses. Also, all ebooks that they sell online are free to members. There’s also a community of people online that you can connect with and discuss all aspects of herbalism.

Dreaming of Spring – A Bitter Tonic Tea Recipe

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