Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizers for Families

Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizers for Families

Hand sanitizers are really helpful if you have small children. They’re always bringing home germs 🙂 Hand sanitizers are also helpful during cold and flu season when you are out and come into contact with people who may be feeling ill.

The Herbal Academy of New England always shares useful information. In this post, Angela first reveals the dangers of commercial hand sanitizers. She then shares a variety of natural chemical-free hand sanitizer recipes.  You’ll find easy-to-make recipes for:

  • Gel Hand Sanitizer
  • Spray It On Hand Sanitizer
  • Essential Oils that Help to Sanitize Hands
Angela also includes a big list of essential oils that are kid-friendly. She shares which oils each essential oil blends well with and the emotional effect of each essential oil. For example some oils are relaxing, while others are uplifting or stimulating. You can add these oils to your homemade hand sanitizer for additional benefits. Finally, there are some useful references at the end of the post.

Click on the Easy Homemade Hand sanitizers for Families link below to see Angela’s complete post.

Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizers for Families 

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