Easy Tomato Ice Cube Treat for Dogs

Easy Tomato Ice Cube Treat for Dogs – Hello Nature

Marie created this great treat to cool off her dogs on hot summer days. They’re all-natural and easy to make. You just need mini tomatoes and two other ingredients to make your dog one happy pup. There are step-by-step directions with excellent photographs.

Marie also includes a separate recipe for her homemade Carob Peanut Butter dog treats and her Pumpkin Peanut Butter dog treats.

NOTE: Please make sure the peanut butter does not contain xylitol which is dangerous for dogs

Click on the Easy Tomato Ice Cube Treat for Dogs link below to see all of Marie’s recipes. Your dog will thank you 🙂

Easy Tomato Ice Cube Treat for Dogs


  1. Hi there ,
    I’m sure this is a yummy treat, but dogs actually shouldn’t eat tomatoes , they are poisonous to dogs.
    All the best !

    • Hi Alice. Thanks for posting! I checked into this further. Several vets online seem to agree that the tomato fruit in moderation is not bad for dogs. One stressed making sure that the tomato was nice and ripe. Again moderation is a key factor. Everyone seems to agree that any part of the green tomato plant itself (leaves, stems etc) can be poisonous to dogs. That being said, if a pet owner has any doubts at all they can skip this recipe and look at some of the other dog treat recipes we’ve shared. Thanks again for caring enough to post 🙂

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