FEATURE YOUR ARTICLE curates one of the more popular sites on the internet that discusses herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, natural living and DIY projects.  We are always looking for interesting  blog posts that we can feature on our site. If you have a blog post that would appeal to our audience, let us know by contacting us through our contact form below.

If we feature your blog post here is what we do:

  1. We write an introduction to your blog post, explain why we like it and why  our readers should go read it.
  2. We include a big link to your original blog post.
  3. We include the photo you used in your blog post and note your website address underneath the photo.
  4. After publishing, we post a link, photo and brief write-up on our Facebook page with almost 100,000 fans.
  5. We also pin a post to our over 21,000+ Pinterest followers.
  6. We will also include your post in our Weekly Newsletter to our mailing list on the Saturday following publication.

Here is what we do NOT do:

  1. We do not quote large portions of your original post. We do write an introduction with some details from your post in order to spark interest with our readers. Our goal is to encourage our readers to go to your website and read your original article.
  2. If you use any affiliate sources for products, supplies or ingredients in your blog post, we will not use any competing affiliate sources in our introduction. We do participate in several ad networks and can’t control what they display on our page. But be confident we will not compete with you by using competing affiliate program links (like Amazon).  If you do not use any affiliate links for any ingredient or supply recommendations, then we may recommend one of our trusted vendors.

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