Finding the Best Natural Hair Conditioner

How to Choose a Natural Conditioner

In this post, Katie explores finding a good, natural conditioner. She links to some DIY hair rinses you can substitute for in-depth conditioning. But the heart of the post is looking at commercial rinses that are available and examining and bad, added chemicals.

To do this she uses a particular database that rates each product.  She lists 7 commercial conditioners and provides:

  • Database score or rating
  • Individual ingredients
  • Concerns about each ingredient
  • Score for each ingredient
  • Her comments about the product

There’s one product that has a “Low Hazard” rating and is about as natural as you can find in a commercial product.  There are also quite a few products that grade out as a “Moderate Hazard.”  I think this is a great post because Katie provides so much in-depth research on each product,

Click on the Finding the Best Natural Hair Conditioner link below to see the complete article.

Finding the Best Natural Hair Conditioner

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