Gardeners Hand Salve Recipe

Gardeners Hand Salve

Like Katie, I often don’t wear gloves when I garden. Sometimes it’s by choice. Other times I just forget my gloves. It does feel good to feel the soil between my fingers and work with plants and flowers directly. But the result is rough, dry hands and the cuts and pricks that are hard to avoid when gardening. I almost always use my own gardeners salve after working in my garden.

Katie developed her own gardeners’ salve to help soothe and heal her hands after gardening. She first infuses olive oil with a variety of dried herbs like comfrey, plantain, calendula and others. She shares two different ways to infuse the oil with the herbs. Then she explains how to combine the infused oil with beeswax and shea butter to make a healing salve. It’s really a simple recipe.

Click on the Gardeners Hand Salve Recipe link below to see Katie’s recipe.

Gardeners Hand Salve Recipe

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