Get an EverStryke Permanent Match for Safety

EverStryke Permanent Match

EverStryke Permanent Match

This is an opportunity to get an EverStryke permanent match. An Everstryke Match is a permanent match that you can clip to your keychain. You just unscrew the Ferro Rod flint from the small base, and strike it against the side of the base and you can light a fire.

If you don’t add lighter fluid to the Everstryke chamber, you’ll still get a spark that can start a fire. But the best way to use it is to fill the chamber with lighter fluid. Then when you strike the Ferro Rod against the side of the EverStryke, you get a full flame.

The EverStryke permanent match:

  • Will produce 15,000 long-burning strikes
  • Will start a fire in rain, sleet, or snow
  • Is Waterproof
  • Is lightweight (the size of a matchbox)

This is a great safety tool to carry with you when you go camping, hiking, climbing or cycling. You can keep one on your key chain, in your pocket, or in the car, in case you get stranded in a remote area and need to start a fire.

Joe Marshall is running a special offer where you can get 2 of the EverStryke Matches and a couple of survival books for the cost of shipping. Now I bristled a bit when I saw he was advertising this as Free, but was charging the cost of shipping. After doing some research, though, I think getting 2 EverStrykes + the survival books for the price of shipping, is a pretty good deal.

Click on the Get an EverStryke Permanent Match for Safety link below to read more. There’s also a short video that show how the Everstryke works.

Get an EverStryke Permanent Match for Safety

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