Getting Prepared with a 72 Hour Survival Kit

Getting Prepared with a 72 Hour Kit

Preparedness or Prepping is when an individual or group take action to prepare themselves and loved ones for any potential future threat or disaster. I think prepping is sometimes viewed as something connected to extremist groups or imagined threats like the Zombie Apocalypse. This is a big mistake in my opinion.

Think about the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the wildfires out west, tornadoes and floods in the Midwest. Natural disasters like that displace families from their homes and put them at risk. Prepping addresses this by planning in advance for disasters that threaten your food, shelter, water, heat, access to electricity and more.

A 72 Hour Kit should contain items that you need for basic survival until help arrives, or whatever threat you’re facing goes away. In this article, Colleen shares what she would include in her 72 Hour Kit. She also provides more information sources for 72 house kits as well as a place online where you can buy these kits.  Very thought-provoking article. Click on the Getting Prepared with a 72 Hour Kit link below to see the complete article.

Getting Prepared with a 72 Hour Survival Kit

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