Ginger Syrup Recipe (Video Tutorial)

Ginger Syrup Recipe

Heather first explains the health benefits of Ginger. One interesting quote from a university medical center refers to the history of using ginger to treat colds, the symptoms of flu, headaches and more.

She then offers suggestions on different ways to use ginger syrup. You’ll find some quick recipes here too. You can use it:

  • In a variety of different drinks
  • Straight from a spoon
  • Drizzled over food

Then there’s a video for making elderberry syrup. But all you have to do is substitute ginger for the elderberries.

Finally, Heather shares her own recipe for homemade ginger concerned that you might not be able to use it all in time, you may want to cut the recipe in half or freeze some in an ice cube tray for later.

It’s a terrific post and remedy. Click on the Ginger Syrup Recipe (Video Tutorial) link below to see the complete post

Ginger Syrup Recipe (Video Tutorial)

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