Gingerbread House Fails

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Gingerbread House Fails

This is such a funny article and it really struck a chord with me. When I was little, my Mom and I tried to make a gingerbread house 3 years in a row. We didn’t have kits, so we were baking from scratch. Mom had a different picture each year and that was the house we tried to make. We had epic fails the first 2 years. But year 3 was declared a success.

That year we were very organized and did a lot of planning. We made a template for each piece of the house and cut the dough pieces with the template. The royal icing was perfect. After a lot of work, we had a standing structure. I still remember the feeling of awe and joy I felt when I realized we had something that actually looked like a house! It was slightly lopsided but after we decorated it looked respectable. Year 4 we made gingerbread cookies and never looked back.

In this article, Dan shares a variety of Gingerbread Houses that are epic fails. The pictures are great and Dan’s comments had me laughing out loud. Great article! Click on the Gingerbread House Fails link below to read the complete article.


Gingerbread House Fails


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