Grandma’s Favorite Homemade Chili Recipe

Grandmas Favorite Chili

Homemade chili is the perfect Winter meal! This is Lesa’s Grandma’s favorite homemade chili recipe. One thing I like about it is you can use ground beef, venison, turkey or any other ingredient. Some people like to add ground pork tenderloin, beef chuck, Italian sausage or ground veal to their chili. Other people love vegetarian chili. This recipe is so versatile you can use any combination of ingredients you’d like.

You can also vary the heat of the chili by using seeded or unseeded jalapenos. Chili beans also come in mild, medium and hot levels of spiciness. I like very spicy chili and would use unseeded jalapenos, hot chili beans, and ground chipotle chili pepper. I think the secret to any good chili is slow simmering to blend all of the ingredients and spices.

It’s a simple recipe that makes 3 quarts of chili. You can double the recipe for more. Click on the Grandma’s Favorite Homemade Chili Recipe link below to see Lesa’s complete recipe.

Grandma’s Favorite Homemade Chili Recipe

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