Grow a Bee-Friendly Garden

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This is an interesting article by Angela of the Untrained Housewife, about the benefits of having a bee-friendly garden. Angela writes:

“To bee or not to bee? If it were up to me, every garden and gardener would decide to become bee-friendly. Bees – particularly native ones – are critically important to the health of your garden. They’re pollinators, and you need them to create all of the lovely fruits and many of the vegetables that you eat. While some plants can self pollinate using the wind to spread their pollen around, others are highly specialized to work with specific pollinators to create their fruit. Tomatoes are a case in point: the lovely, juicy, summer tomato is good friends with the buzzing bumblebee, who buzzes with a specific tone to help the tomato release its pollen.”

She discusses some of the things you need to do in order to have a bee-friendly garden.

  • Be a Messy Gardener
  • Think of the Bees’ Year
  • Go Spray Free
  • Create a Good Menu (for the Bees)

There is also a link to another article about flowers that attract bees. Very interesting post!

Grow a Bee-Friendly Garden


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