5 Tips for Growing Onions From Seed

Growing Onions from Seed

At the very end of this post, Laurie shares 5 tips for getting the best onion harvest you can.  Before that, the main part of the post contains a wealth of information about growing onions from seed.

She discusses:

  • When to start onions from seed
  • Step-by-step directions on starting onions from seed for northern gardeners
  • Step-by-step directions oh how to transplant the onion seedlings
  • How to plant and space the seedlings
  • Instructions for gardeners in warmer climates
  • Onion seeds vs onion sets
  • Long day, short day and day neutral onions
  • 5 major tips for growing onions from seed

It’s a very thorough, excellent article. Click on the 5 Tips for Growing Onions From Seed link below to see Laurie’s terrific post.

5 Tips for Growing Onions From Seed


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