Healing Homemade Conifer Tea

Healing Homemade Conifer Tea

The View from Great Island ( is one of my favorite websites. Sue Moran creates unique and creative recipes. In this post, Sue shares a recipe for healing conifer tea.

Conifers are trees that bear cones. Some conifers like spruce, pine and fir are edible. Using needles from what we think of as Christmas trees may seem strange. But as Sue explains, people in many countries have been doing this for ages.

The fact is these types of trees are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Conifer teas are used for pain relief, to fight colds and flu and even for anti-aging.

Sue describes the specific conifers you can use and how to prepare them. She then explains two different ways to make a healing conifer tea:

  • a single steeped cup of tea
  • a simmered infusion

Check out the helpful notes at the end of the post. Be sure to not use conifers that have been sprayed or treated. She also includes LOT of related links to posts about conifers and some amazing recipes

Click on the Healing Homemade Conifer tea link below to see Sue’s complete post.

Healing Homemade Conifer Tea

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