Herbal Academy of New England – New Courses!


The Herbal Academy of New England (HANE) has announced a fantastic new selection of Herbal Programs and classes. These are all online, self-paced classes. The programs are a package of individual classes and other materials that help you to achieve a particular career goal e.g. Clinical Herbalist, Professional Herbalist etc. You can still take individual classes. The Entrepreneur Herbal Course is new and is geared toward people who want to start an herbal products business.

You’ll find information on the following herbal education programs and classes

  • Clinical Herbalist Program
  • Entrepreneur Herbalist Program
  • Professional Herbalist Program
  • Family Herbalist Program
  • Online Introductory Herbal Course
  • Online Intermediate Herbal Course
  • Entrepreneur Herbal Course
  • Advanced Herbal Course

Click on the Herbal Academy of New England – New Courses and Early Bird Pricing! link below for course information and Early Bird pricing information.

Herbal Academy of New England – New Courses!


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