Herbal Entrepreneur Class – How to Start an Herbal Business

HANE Entrepreneur Class

If you’ve ever thought about starting an herbal business, the Herbal Academy has a class that will help you.  They’re offering an Entrepreneur Herbal Class that’s designed specifically to prepare students to run a small herbal products business. The class is online, taught by respected instructors, and you can start whenever you’re ready. At the completion of the course you’ll receive an Entrepreneur Herbal Course certificate.

You’ll learn the regulatory requirements for making and selling herbal products. Tutorials and videos highlight tips specific to business startup. The demonstrations won’t just show you how to make a salve – they’ll teach you how to package and market one!

Here are some of the questions they explore during this class:

  • How can I source high quality herbs sustainably?
  • Can I provide quality herbs at a fair price point?
  • How do I comply with regulatory Good Manufacturing Practices?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for labeling my products?
  • What claims can I make about my products?
  • What can and can’t I legally say when discussing herbs with my customers?
  • What tactics can I use to stand out in the marketplace?
  • When should I consider outsourcing in product development?
  • How can I prepare my business for growth?
  • How can I continue to define my path and grow my knowledge as an herbalist?

To learn more about the class, course content, and pricing, click the following link:

The Herbal Entrepreneur Class – How to Start an Herbal Business

Another path you can take is the Entrepreneur Herbalist Package. This is a bundled course and includes the herbal knowledge and business knowledge you’ll need to start an herbal products business. It includes:

  • How to make herbal remedies – Introductory Course
  • Building Your Knowledge of Herbalism (Includes 100+ Remedies & Recipes) – Intermediate Course
  • How to Start and Herbal Business – The Herbal Entrepreneur Class

If this course sounds interesting, click on the following link for more information about the class, course content, and pricing:

The Entrepreneur Herbalist Program

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