Herbal Home Remedies for Lice

Herbal Home Remedies for Lice

It’s one of those dreaded moments when your kid is sent home from school with a note that he or she has head lice. It can be embarrassing. But it’s a misconception that head lice result from poor personal hygiene. Head lice are passed from child to child through direct contact of their heads and hair, which is common as kids work and play together.

Commercial lice treatments contain toxic insecticides and are the last thing you should put on anyone’s head. Christina shares 8 different herbal remedies that you can use to treat lice. She advises combing any infected hair for 7 days with a nit comb in order to remove any lice eggs that may be on the scalp.

  • Carrier oils that can smother and kill any adult lice
  • A natural rinse that can kill and remove lice eggs
  • A natural gel that can both smother adult lice and kill the lice eggs
  • A natural ingredient that can rid hair of lice and also serve as a repellent
  • A natural tea that can remove lice eggs when applied to the scalp and hair
  • Several essential oils that can prevent and kill lice
  • How to make an herbal hair pack
  • An herbal lice killer shampoo spray recipe
  • An herbal lice vinegar rinse recipe

It’s a very thorough and well-written article. Click the Herbal Home Remedies for Lice link below to read the complete article.

Herbal Home Remedies for Lice


  1. isopropyle alcohol poured on head will kill lice on contact

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