Herbal Spotlight: Arnica (Includes an Arnica Balm Recipe)


Nina of Shalom Mama discusses the healing properties of the herb Arnica. It is especially effective in treating bruises, and relieving pain quickly.  This is a balm that should be in every Herbal First Aid Kit.

She offers two cautions:

  • Don’t take Arnica internally unless it’s the homeopathic form
  • Don’t use Arnica on broken skin (open cuts, abrasions).

She goes on to say that she has used Arnica ointment on small scratches. I personally would adhere to the advice by many sources to only use Arnica topically for bumps and bruises.

Nina also has a great recipe for Arnica balm.  It uses Shea butter, Arnica, beeswax, coconut oil, essential oils and other herbs.

Nice recipe.  Arnica is popping up more and more lately in posts by different bloggers

Where Can I get quality Herbs and essential oils?

Herbal Spotlight: Arnica (Includes an Arnica Balm Recipe)


  1. Arnica balm: – I don’t understand what you mean when you say ‘don’t use on unbroken skin’ – please expand
    Thank you for giving this enquiry your time

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