Herbs and Home Remedies for the Holidays

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holiday home remedies


During the holidays we often eat and drink too much. The holiday season can also be a very stressful time of the year.  SatuR of the Untrained Housewife website shares a variety of different herbs that can help with both indigestion and stress.

  • One herbal tea helps with indigestion, colic in babies and diarrhea. It also soothes the nerves.
  • Another herbal tea helps with bloating, nausea and upset stomachs.
  • A third herb is excellent for treating upset stomachs.

SatuR also discusses spices that make great home remedies to stimulate or soothe the digestive system.

Finally, she discusses essential oils that can be used in a diffuser and which relieve stress. Very helpful article.

Click the Daily Herbs and Home Remedies for the Holidays link below to read all of SatuR’s remedies.

Herbs and Home Remedies for the Holiday

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