Homemade All Natural Perfume with Essential Oils

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Sara of My Merry Messy Life has a terrific post on making Homemade All Natural Perfume using essential oils.

Commercial perfumes contain petrochemicals ~ chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas. They also often  contain  other toxic synthetic chemicals.

Sara discusses the concept of thinking of perfume scents as top, middle and base notes. You experience the top note scent first, the the middle and then the base.  She provides a link to a source where you can learn more about mixing different scents.  If you plan to mix your own perfumes I think exploring this additional source could be very helpful.

She provides a base recipe for a natural perfume that uses your choice of essential oils and one other ingredient.

Sara then  provides detailed recipes for two perfumes:

  • Forest Fairies Perfume blend
  • Romantic Flower Garden blend

You can find a wide variety f essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Click below for the full article.

Homemade All Natural Perfume with Essential Oils


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