Homemade Bath Fizzies for the New Mom

These bath fizzies are made with soothing salts and healing herbs, which make a wonderful post-delivery bath. Katie of WelllnessMama developed the recipe.   The Fizzies are similar to the bath bombs sold at Lush and Bed, Bath and Beyond but without artificial fragrances, colors and chemicals.

If you’re expecting a baby,  bath fizzies are great to have on hand for a post-delivery bath. And if you have friends who are expecting, these would make a terrific present.

It’s an easy recipe that uses Epsom salt, baking soda, witch hazel, olive oil and other ingredients.

One of those additional ingredients are “After birth sitz bath herbs.” Katie links to her recipe for these herbs which include  comfrey leaf, avender flowers, plantain leaf, red raspberry leaf, calendula flowers and more.

Make a nice warm bath and toss in a fizzie. Relax and begin the healing process.

Click the Homemade Bath Fizzies for the New Mom link below for Katie’s full recipe.

Homemade Bath Fizzies for the New Mom

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