Homemade Belly Butter Recipe


Homemade Belly Butter Recipe

NOTE: If you’re pregnant, please consult your doctor in advance about any herbs or essential oils you’d like to use.  Opinions vary on which herbs and essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and which should be avoided.   Your doctor will have the best advice for you.

This is a recipe for homemade belly butter by Faith of the Little Herbal site.  She used this belly butter through two pregnancies and had NO stretch marks!    You can apply the butter to any art of your body that changes shape as your pregnancy advances.The recipe uses natural butters, carrier oils and essential oils.

Faith explains the benefits of each ingredient.  Many of the ingredients are moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.  One oil is commonly used for the prevention and treatment of scars.  So it’s a nice mix of ingredients for avoiding stretch marks.Faith walks you through the preparation of the belly butter. The photographs are excellent and helpful.

She also has an excellent tip regarding Shea butter.  Nice recipe!

Homemade Belly Butter Recipe

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