Homemade Butter Treats Recipe

Homemade Butter Treats Recipe, homemade treats for kids

Do you automatically think butter is bad for you? Well grass-fed (organic) butter is making a comeback!

In this article Jerica first shares some ingredients in grass-fed butter and explains the health benefits. THEN she shares her recipe for homemade butter treats. She makes these treats for her toddler daughter (check out her picture – she’s a Cutie!).The simple recipe uses grass-fed butter, cinnamon, and two other ingredients. If you can’t find grass-fed butter locally, Jerica provides an online source.

If you want different flavors like orange, hazelnut, lemon, or peppermint, she provides a link to a source for all-natural, organic flavoring extracts. Excellent recipe!Click the Homemade Butter Treats Recipe link below to see Jerica’s creative recipe.

Homemade Butter Treats Recipe

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