Homemade DIY Neosporin Ointment Recipe

DIY Neosporin Ointment

This is a chemical-free, homemade version of Neosporin.  You can use it to treat cuts, sores, scrapes, acne, insect bites, eczema and more!

>Ande’s recipe uses just 5 ingredients, 3 of which are healing essential oils. It’s a super easy recipe.  You can make a firm balm or a softer balm. Ande explains how to make both versions.

Click the Homemade DIY Neosporin Ointment Recipe link below to see the complete recipe.

Homemade DIY Neosporin Ointment Recipe


  1. when I click on the neosporin ointment recipe it takes me to a page that says this domain may be for sale. Do you have the recipe for this?

    • Hi Debbie. Not sure what happened to the original post. But this is a comparable recipe for a homemade Neosporin-like balm. Please click the link again 🙂 Thanks!

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