Homemade Essential Oil Remedies For Pets

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In this post, Jillee of One Good Thing , shares quite a few natural remedies for pets. We stopped using commercial flea medications ages ago.  They always seemed to make our dogs (and cats) sick. So I was very happy to see a natural flea treatment in Jillee’s remedies.

Here’s one important note from Jillee: “Cats are more sensitive to essential oils since they metabolize the oils differently. They are sensitive to strong odors and they generally have an adverse reaction to citrus oils. It is a good idea to consult with a veterinarian before applying oils to a cat.”

In this post you’ll find recipes for:

  • Homemade Flea Repellant

This remedy includes a spray solution, shampoo and homemade flea collar.

  • Ear Infection Inflammation

A single, essential oil solution.

  • Soothing Dog Paw Pads

Another single, essential oil solution.

  • Soothe You Dog’s Skin

An essential oil blend helps doggie dry and itchy skin.

  • Doggie Smells Deodorizer

An essential oil spritz for your dog that will eliminate doggy odor.

  • Calming Mist for Dogs

This is a water and essential oil mix that you spray around the dog and on the dog’s coat. In addition to calming your dog, it also repels mosquitoes and fleas.  This is a great remedy to use to help your dog through 4th of July fireworks, rides in the car etc.

  • Dog Burns

An essential oil and water mixture to apply on a burn as soon as possible.

  • Dog Abscess

Two remedies to help a dog with an abscess.

  • Doggie Tummy Troubles

4 different essential oils to use individually to help with constipation, motion sickness or indigestion.

Homemade Essential Oil Remedies For Pets


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