Homemade Fragrant Laundry Soap & Softener

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Homemade Laundry Soap

Rebecca came up with a great homemade laundry soap recipe. She uses Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild soap instead of Fels Naptha because it has a gentler scent.  She also adds lavender oil for an additional wonderful scent but you can use any essential oil you like.

In addition to the recipe there’s a photographic tutorial.  As a bonus you get a super-simple recipe for natural fabric softener.   Click the Homemade Fragrant Laundry Soap & Softener  link below to see Rebecca’s recipes for homemade Fragrant Laundry Soap & Softener

You can buy Dr. Bronners  Baby Mild Soap on this page at

Homemade Fragrant Laundry Soap & Softener


  1. tried clicking on the link for the homemade laundry soap and softener, but it says that the link is no longer there. Is there another way to access?

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