Homemade Ginger Spice Tea


I selected this post because Amy shares an unusual recipe I haven’t seen before.  The recipe is for a Ginger Spice tea that Amy’s friend raved about.  Amy has intestinal problems and a hiatal hernia.  So in the dead of winter she brewed a pot of the Ginger Spice Decoction or tea.  A decoction is the liquid that results from heating water, herbs, spices, roots and other ingredients. I just call it Ginger Spice Tea.

Amy found that the ginger spice drink tasted really good.  After a couple of cups of this drink, she also found that when she went to bed she could swallow while laying down for the first time in years.  Her friend found that her skin cleared up and she lost a lot of weight.

The spices in this drink are known for a variety of heath benefits.  They are used for “colds, flu, infection, coughs, ulcers, nausea, indigestion, gas, bloating, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, infection, IBS,  toothaches, poor circulation, and inflammation.”

If you decide to try this recipe be sure to note Amy’s comment that the bay leaves should be  Laurus nobilis.  You can get that variety at Mountain Rose Herbs, the Bulk Herb Store or other quality herb dealers.

Click on the Homemade Ginger Spice Tea  link below to see the recipe.

Homemade Ginger Spice Tea

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