Homemade Healing Herbal Liniment Recipe

Homemade Healing Herbal Liniment


Christine of These Light Footsteps first discusses deciding on the purpose for making a liniment.  For example, you could make a warming liniment with herbs like cayenne or ginger.  Once you learn the basic steps involved in making one liniment,  you can make any other liniment with different medicinal ingredients and properties.

The recipe that Christine shares here is  for an all-purpose cooling liniment that can be used for disinfecting and healing scrapes and cuts.  It uses lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and peppermint.

Christine provides a tutorial that explains all of the steps involved in making the liniment.  She also includes some very helpful photographs. Click on the Homemade Healing Herbal Liniment Recipe link below to read Christine’s terrific article.

Homemade Healing Herbal Liniment Recipe

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