Homemade Hedgerow Jelly Recipe

Homemade Hedgerow Jelly Recipe

Tanya of Lovely Greens likes to go foraging for berries in the Autumn.  Blackberries, elderberries, damsons, crab apples.  They’re all out there ripe and ready for the picking.

Hedgerow Jelly is a mixture of apples and two or three different berries.  Tanya shares her recipe which uses cooking apples, the berries of your choice, and a few other ingredients. Since one of the fruits contains natural pectin, there’s no need to add additional pectin.

One nice thing about this jelly is that there’s no need to heat process the jelly after it’s in the sterilized jars. Just seal the jars and the jelly is good for a year.

To see the recipe, click on the Homemade Hedgerow Jelly Recipe link below.

Homemade  Hedgerow Jelly Recipe

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