Homemade Herbal Spring Tonic Honey

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In this post,  the Nerdy Farm Wife shares a recipe for an Herbal Spring Tonic Honey.   This is an herbal infusion.  An infusion is made when herbs are put in a glass jar of a liquid like honey, oil or alcohol.  The jar is sealed.  The herbs steep in the liquid for several days to several weeks until the essence of the herbs is extracted and flavors the liquid.

There are just 3 ingredients for the Herbal Spring Tonic Honey:  raw honey (local if possible), fresh dandelion flowers (unsprayed) and fresh violet flower (unsprayed).   There’s also a list of the health benefits of each ingredient.

The Nerdy Farm Wife steps you through the process of preparing the flowers and honey.  After the steeping period ends you are given a couple of ways to extract and use the honey.

She also gives you specific directions for using the tonic for:

  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Detoxing
  • Face Wash (for dry skin and acne)
  • Sore Throat

You can get the herbs for this recipes at Mountain Rose Herbs   or the Bulk Herb Store.

Homemade Herbal Spring Tonic Honey


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