Homemade Lavender Hand Cream Recipe

Homemade Lavender Hand Cream Recipe

This is Jan’s rich and nourishing lavender hand cream recipe. Lavender flowers have anti-inflammatory properties, so if you have arthritis in your hands, this lotion may provide relief. The recipe uses a particular butter that moisturizes dry skin and an oil that nourishes skin.

Jan explains how to infuse the oil with lavender flowers. She provides two different methods. One method requires allowing the oil to infuse for several weeks. The other method produces infused oil in a few hours. Once you have the infused oil, it’s really a pretty simple recipe to make.

Jan explains the steps needed to whip the butter and combine the other ingredients. There’s one ingredient that will help to reduce the greasy feel that creams sometimes have. She also uses a particular clay that tints the cream a light lavender. She also includes a lot of helpful tips. Excellent recipe!

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Homemade Lavender Hand Cream Recipe

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