How to Make Homemade Lavender Hand Cream


Jami of the Happy Housewife shares her recipe for homemade Lavender Hand Cream.  She’s a gardener and finds that gardening makes her hands and cuticles dry.  She decided to make her own hand cream in order to use natural ingredients and to get a consistent cream that would work on her hands and also on dry elbows and heels.  This cream would also work well during cold months.

The simple recipe uses beeswax and a variety of different oils. Since there’s no water in the recipe, the cream doesn’t separate.  Jami also provides tips on how to thin the cream for use in a pump bottle and how to thicken it into more of a salve consistency.   You can also substitute lemon oil, orange oil or another floral cent for the lavender.

Click on the How to Make Homemade Lavender Hand Cream link below to see the recipe.

Homemade Lavender Hand Cream

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